Koji Tano MSBR

Koji Tano 1961 - 31.07.2005

Koji Tano is one of the most respected Japanese artists in contemporary electronic Music.
additionally to countless great releases, he ran a record-store for experimental arts in Tokyo.
he was also publisher of the famous Denzatsu magazine.
besides his hard work for his ideas, he was a respectable and very fine person - and a friend.
after only 2 months he lost his struggle against cancer.
- we will never forget him -


on 1.08.2005 I was told about Koji Tano's death. I was completely shocked, although I knew since a while that Koji's life was going towards a unavoidable end. At the moment he passed, there were too many words unspoken, too many plans destroyed and I felt I would explode if nothing happens. so I began to work on a concept for a last goodbye, a musical gravestone for my friend from the other side of the planet. From the beginning on I found a lot of people who joined me and on 9.08.2005 the message about the tribute compilation was spread into the worldwideweb. I want to thank all the labels, all the artists and all my friends who supported me in doing this hommage to a person we all will miss forever.

within only 23 days this compilation was finished and
154 artists from 31 countries
took part in this final

Tribute to Koji Tano

this compilation is for free download and was released one month after Koji Tano's death, on 31.08.2005.

CD1 74,6MB
CD2 91,3MB
CD3 79,8MB
CD4 91,3MB
CD5 79,5MB
CD6 87,5MB
CD7 80,8MB
CD8 94,5MB
CD9 79,4MB
CD10 79,8MB

COVER outside / inside (with bandlist)

after downloading and zipping these 10 CD-folders, each folder can be burned as a audio-CD.
the audio-content of each CD-folder is between 73 and 80 minutes.

as far as we know, all tracks are unpublished (except Emil Beaulieau), most of them are exclusive for this tribute and the very main part was especially recorded for Koji Tano, after the message of his death.
all tracks are in chronological order,; as we received them.

the loudness of the tracks can differ in several cases, because we wanted to keep each work original, as the artist wanted it to be. we did no additional mastering on the tracks, except to increase the volume of a few very quiet ones.

the reason, why we decided to do a free download compilation and not a CD or LP release is, that we do not want to make any profit from a friend's death. we only want to set a artistic monument for a great man and his unforgetable lifework. another reason was that everybody, who wants to say goodbye to Koji Tano, could do this on a online-compilation. a CD or LP release would just have been a limitation in artists and in spreading.

my special thanks are for the artists for their great contributions and for all the people who helped me in spreading the message about this project. a special thanks to M. / Institution D.O.L, who helped me in many situations, another thank You is to Tadeo from Gearwear / Mexico, who did the CD coverdesign and the final special thanks goes to
Sjaak Jobses / Rtek of rxj.nl, without whom this tribute would have failed in the very beginning.
following a few labels, who helped us to make this project work:
Amplexus / Silentes / Vinyl on Demand / Sdim Org. / Vrihaspati Rec. / Atacama Records / Clear Spot
War Office Propaganda / Soleilmoon / Torpor / Reduktive Musiken / Divine Comedy / Eternal Soul / Ant-Zen
Loki-Foundation / ColdSpring / Nail Records / Nuit et Brouillard / Hagshadow / O.P.N.
Steelwork Maschine / Ambimorpheous / Athanor
/ Butcher's House Prod.
(if You feel to be forgotten in the credits, please tell me and I will add You)

a picture and the complete audio recordings
from one of Koji Tano's last concerts on 3.02.2005 in Maastricht/Netherlands.
MSBR (mp3 / 32,2mb)
MSBR vs Culpis (mp3 / 44,2mb)


following You will find a statement by each participating artist, why he did his song for Koji Tano and about his relation to Koji and his music. some of the participants did not know Koji personally, but were strongly influenced in their musical developement by the works of this great Japanese artist.
I want to express my deepest gratitude to all artists for the songs they did to honour Koji Tano's lifework.
several artists told us, that it was difficult for them to express their feelings in a foreign language. some of them asked us to correct their statement, but most of the statements are published here as they came in. we wanted to keep the originality and all feelings in these very personal words, without doing any orthographic or grammatical corrections.

I sorted the statements in alphabetical order, but please allow me to open this chapter of Koji's site with the statement of my friend Reinhard from Stahlwerk 9. I think the essence of his statement speaks for all of us.
[ if somebody is wondering for my personal Steinklang statement, it's the last one at the bottom of this site ]

STAHLWERK 9 - Germany
"And silently the dead friend's hand is moving" was the title of my track for Koji's Denzatsu compilation. A great chance for me to participate in something greater than what I've known so far. And now his dead hand is moving us all. How to find suitable words for someone I have never known as a person,whose hand I've never touched, whose eye I've never looked into? A friend? Maybe, yes...and no, as we will never talk to each other anymore. But I can listen to all the soundscapes he created and feel at least a little bit the way he did, a bit closer to his inner self. So I dare say that we are friends in this special way and that his dead hand is moving me as well. This track is the least way to say that. But the main thing is that we must not forget him, and his work may help us not to do so. Behind each single sound we have got from him stood his decision, his thoughts, his feelings, his anger, his love. But apart from all this mourning, let us not forget that we all will follow him one day or the other, so let us use our time the best possible way we know and be friends here on earth. Don't wait until another dead friend's hand reminds us that we have wasted far too much time with ourselves again. I want to say "thank you" and "good bye" to a man who cannot hear me saying that any more. And yet I wish for us to think of all the living people outside before it's too late. - "Thank you, Koji"

100BLUMEN – Germany
Koji Tano ist auf tragische Weise zu früh aus dem Leben getreten. Da auch ich vor kurzem ein Familienmitglied durch Krebs verloren habe, kann ich nachfühlen, wie sich Kojis Freunde und Lieben fühlen. Aus dieser Emotion heraus habe ich das Stück aufgenommen, meine Art der Verarbeitung der Trauer und Umgang mit dem Tod. Ich denke, es kann ein Trost sein, zu sehen, dass sich viele für Koji Tano interessieren und Abschied nehmen möchten.

A.V.I. - Germany
Leider habe ich Koji nicht persönlich kennenlernen können, von seiner Arbeit als Künstler bin ich aber nachhaltig beeindruckt worden. Der Track "-/+" ist nicht nur von MSBR's "Metal stricken Terror Action" beeinflusst, sondern enthält auch viele veränderte Zitate aus eben diesem Werk.
Unfortunately I did not get to know Koji personally, nevertheless I have been heavily impressed by him as an artist. The track "-/+" is not only influenced by MSBR's "Metal stricken Terror Action", but also contains many distorted quotations from this very work.

After meeting Koji at the gig that we did for him in Maastricht he gained a lot of respect from me and I hope that he will continue making music in the place that he is now.

I've chosen this track because it's one of my noisier works + there are some (heavily distorted) natural sounds (a bit like some MSBR material) + the link with Japan (kamikaze pilots/warriors "falling like cherry blossoms"). I mostly know Koji through his music MSBR/MAGMAX and artwork (smelly STABAT MORS stuff!). I did have a brief chat with him after his concert in Ghent ("De Fabriek",1999) a few years ago. He was friendly but hindered because his knowledge of the English language wasn't well enough to conversate long in a LOUD environment :-) I'm also writing a small piece on Koji's death in the news section of the Belgian underground magazine Gonzo Circus (www.gonzocircus.com), the Fall issue (october,2005). I'll already send som stuff in, but I'll update my scribblings and add your initiative + a link to your tribute too.

Koji Tano was MBSR and I'm sure that I have to say a good bye to him doing a small harsh work and keep listening and spreading his noise to new generations. - Mario Brandalise Baril

AETHER – Germany
vor ein paar jahren sah ich im tv (war glaube arte oder 3sat) einen berricht über untergrundkunst in japan, dort wurde auch kurz über die dortige experimental/noise szene berichted. der bericht bliebt bei mir nicht ohne spuren und so forschte ich nach, und was ich fand beindruckte mich. künstler wie koji waren es die neue wege aufzeigten, die wenn man sie entlang ging, neue klangerfahrungen brachten. es ist nicht krach, es sind einfach ganz viele melodien und rythmen aufeinmal. faszinierendes chaos mit system. schmerzend und wunderschön.

AGIT 8 – Australia
i dedicate this track to Koji for his support, the last project he was working on was the MSBR/Variation Of Sex/ agit8 release. He was a great mastermind and will be forever missed, i dont think we can recover from this tragic loss.

ALFARMANIA & PROIEKT HAT – Sweden / Stateless
In the summer of 2004, with the event in which Proiekt Hat was allowed to come to Japan to play to a Japanese audience, live at Koji Tano's house and return with loads of new interesting tapes and analogue equipment for his collection, and new friends in the land of the rising sun. On Koji Tano's initiative, a collaboration was suggested, that would give some of the artists, including PH, Alfarmania and Treriksröset, on the Hatband roster a possibility to release works on Koji's own label. This collaborative track was made to honor that collaboration, and to pay tribute to a friend of a warm and kind nature. - Copenhagen, August 29 2005

AMBASSADOR 21 – Belarus
We didn't know him personally and weren't a friends. May be, some artists has much more reasons to be in this tribute for Koji Tano. We just want to show our respect for this MUSICIAN. RIP.

MSBR was my very first noise live act i saw many years ago. I didn't know what happened, how was such music possible? Still now this evening is one of my favourite...

I met Koji Tano only once in my life when he played a concert in Milan, my hometown, in December 2000. Althought I've never been a great fan of "harsher" noise music I was really impressed by his performance. His setup consisted of several pedals / effects housed in a small suitcase and you can bet he truly knew how to use them in a live situation. Watching him play was a great pleasure, it was amazing how he could shape the sounds with very rapid and precise movements. Each knob and slider obeyed him. I guess he was very skilled at pedals, he reminded me the best DJs / turntablists even if he didn't use a turntable, obviously. I had the chance to create the artwork for the booklet of one of his releases that was out a few years ago on Blade Records and I particularly enjoyed it. In the most recent years Koji was so kind to distribute some of the Afe Releases in Japan through his mail-order and I'm very thankful to him for doing this. Life is never kind.

I had the great pleasure of meeting and sharing a stage with Koji in 1999, and was impressed not only with the mantric, meditative wall of noise he generated, seemingly without effort, but with the warm, humble, and endlessly enthusiastic person that he was. In our subsequent communications (and I regret now not to have been a more reliable correspondent, a criticism that could never be directed his way) these character traits never failed to seep through the
generally mundane content of the text. What he gave to the world and to his fellow artists can, of course, never compensate for his departure from this world, but he has left a very important legacy, and that can never be taken away. Ex nihilo nihil fit. - JKH/Annihilist, August 2005.

In March, 1999, MSBR & Government Alpha toured the east coast of the United States, playing two shows in New York City. I attended one of those shows as an audience member and was lucky enough to perform at the other show as part of Exercise in Disgust. At the second show there was a large improvised performance in which members of MSBR, Skin Crime, Slogun, Noizeguild, Brutum Fulmen, Exercise In Disgust and many others jammed. After the show, a fair number of us went to a local apartment and talked late into the night about noise around the world. I remember this night with a great fondness, and this track reflects my deep respect for the great impact Koji Tano and MSBR had on the international noise community.

ANTI-KATI - New Zealand
Although we'd never met him, or even seen him perform, he still managed to influence us. Both his music and his dedication to it helped us realise that there are people who gladly dedicate their lives to the cause, and that this is a viable way of life, despite the economics, and despite the popped eardrums.

ANTRACOT – Germany
Ich finde Koji ist bzw. war einer der bedeutsten Musiker für den elektronischen Bereich brzw. Industrial / Noise. Da ich ihn ja auch als total netten und lieben Mensch persönlich kennenlernen durfte, macht es das Ganze natürlich noch tragischer. Mailkontakt hatte ich ja früher schon. Um ihm ein Denkmal zu setzen hab ich beschlossen ein Lied für ihn zu machen (inkl. Text).

As Koji always showed support for noise and experimental music both through his MSBR label/distribution as well as according to what I know also bringing younger acts along on his tours in order to give them more exposure, I think it is necessary for anyone who are dealing with experimental music to pay tribute to Koji, no matterif one knew him personally or not. It is all about acknowledging his major tribute to noise and experimental music. This is also why I chose to pay my tribute with the song "When The Gods Die". - Karsten Hamre

ASTRO – Japan
He was the great artist, but I had loved that his character above that.

ATHANOR - France
we at athanor had the opportunities to meet three times at his shop in Yoyogi a healthy and enjoyable Koji. He helped the distribution of Athanor in Japan with care. It was a really bad astonishing surprise to hear about his death early august while in Osaka. May Inari be with you when you crossed the big torii. A big ganbate to people at Densatsu and Teito for the continuation of his work. - Stephane

ATROX – Germany
es ist das Mindeste, wie ich jemand ehren kann, der mich zu seinem Festival nach Japan eingeladen hat!

Ich kannte Koji leider noch nicht persönlich. Aber nachdem er meine LP bei einem gemeinsamen Freund bestellt hatte (3-4 Monate vor seinem Tod) habe ich angefangen ein 20-30 min. Programm zusammenzustellen, welches ich ihm für ein Split-Release anbieten wollte. Ich war fast fertig damit, als die Nachricht seines Ablebens kam. Der Beitrag ist ein Stück davon. Der Titel "c.d." steht für "Cancer Death". Konnte dabei noch nicht wissen, dass es so passend sein würde. Vielleicht eine Art Vorahnung? Nun gut, letzteres ist vielleicht etwas hoch gegriffen. Dennoch war der Titel der Grund dafür, dass ich gerade dieses Stück eingereicht habe.

MSBR one of projects which big influence on my was rendered Life and music... It is very a pity... IgOr

I am fairly new to this noise shindig, it wasnt long ago that I had no clue who Koji Tano was, never heard the name, never knew what he did. I was just starting to listen to MSBR when he died, but I had of course heard his name and stories of his works. Even now I am learning about Mr. Tano. His music aside, his advancements to the noise world have been tremendous. Anyone affiliated with experimental music has felt the effects of Koji's work.

BELBORN – Germany
Ein innovativer Musiker wie Koji Tano hat es einfach verdient, von anderen Musikern ein kleines musikalisches Denkmal gestiftet zu bekommen. Das wünscht sich schließlich jeder Künstler (ich zumindest schon)!

bco had been in touch with koji about going noise together. this piece is culled from material i was about to send him.

BOGUMIL NAD EVROPA – Republik of Macedonia
Koji Tano is important pioneer of the noise scene. Noise scene is important part of my life. When I heard about tribute You are makeing in his name I felt like I should do something about it

– Canada
he made the first noise website that i ever saw. several years ago i unsuccessfully tried to set up a show for him here in vancouver and instead went down to seattle with a couple of friends to see him play...really nice guy...he looked exactly like the janitor from my work at the time, with a tucked-in plaid shirt (which i thought was funny). for this track i thought it would be fitting to go back to using my multi-effects pedal.

C-drík – Belgium / Netherlands
I never got the opportunity to meet Koji Tano. I liked his music and was invited this year to play at the festival in Maastricht with MSBR and the other musicians, I was happy to get this invitation but sadly couldn't come as I was on tour on the other side of the planet. One of the organizers told me that Koji was badly sick, a few days later I read that he died and felt really sorry and sad of it... So this track is my tribute to this great musician. - C-drík Fermont

CAMISOLE – Belgium
I discovered MSBR several years ago, when searching for a more radical form of experimental music, an Koji Tano's work introduced me to the japanoise scene. I remember it was with a RRR release "destructive locomotion",then I took a listen to several split recordings he did - I guess anyone should be familiar with these now (involving Daniel Mensche, Crawl Unit, Governement Alpha...) Koji Tano's lead me to noise music in its purest form. I never heard such things before, and it left me instantly flabbergasted. For years I was wondering who was in fact the man behind such energy, such oppression, such clausrophobia... Then I realized he was a simple, friendly and regular guy - just like his appraoch to music itself- who made noise just for the love of it. No shitty dark concept or what, no politics, no rebellion, just passion. He gave us europeans a lesson we should never forget. And when I see pictures of him ans still hear his music, I remember him as an devoted alchemist, a conscientious craftsman who carved his raw material with the dedicated and restless passion we all have to express when it comes to noise music. That's why Koji will be missed, that's why he's now forever blessed...

CHOCHMAH – Germany
Fire! ist eine Hommage an das Lied Fire Wall von MSBR um das Leben und die Arbeit Koji Tanos zu ehren. Es war das erste Lied was ich von Koji hörte und es lief als ich von seinem Tod erfuhr.

In living memory of Koji Tano. My huge respect for Him. Bad times, when such people are gone. - Marcin Bachtiak

COURTIS - Argentinia
I have been for years in touch with Koji Tano, we also played live and recorded together in Tokyo in january 2005. The track I'm contributing is a remix that was intended for an MSBR-Courtis 7" on his label that unfortunately never appeared, so I hope this Tribute can help to keep Koji's legacy alive... - Courtis

A piece of untreated digital error - meant as a tribute to MSBR's exploration of harsh purity.

Es ist uns eine Ehre Koji-Tano, dessen musikalisches Schaffen schon seit geraumer Zeit bei uns zu hause durch den Äther tropft und dessen Klänge wir längst in unser Herzen geschlossen haben, dieses Stück, dass nur für ihn geschustert wurde zu widmen. - Martin, Marc und Rüdiger

In 1995 Koji helped me with my first Japan tour. He organized this amazing show in an empty building where the whole floor was completely empty and only a very dirty floor for the audience to sit down on. The concert went well and many months later he mailed me a video tape of the performances. I watched the video and after all of the footage of the various performances was done there was a strange scene on the video of Koji walking around the empty building alone and picking up concrete chunks and dropping them over and over again creating a big sound echoing throughout this empty building. I don't know if he knew he was being filmed but it was such a magical sight watching him, and certainly the best part of this video tape. At that time he asked me to do some collaberation recordings so I took the audio from this video and create this track "Unholy Floor". This track has a much more haunting effect after his passing and It reminds me of the numerous beautiful aspects of who Koji was: in this case someone with the largest passion for creating sound for the sole purpose for it to simply exist, And Kojis sounds will always echo and resonate brightly and infinetly within all of us. - Daniel Menche / August 28, 2005

MSBR/Magmax, although I never met him in person, were very inspiring projects to my music. Not only his sounds but his attention to detail in his packaging has influenced my releases. I selected Magmax for my tribute due to the fact that Magmax crosses the genres of Power Electronics, harsh noise, and Rhytmic Noise; both genres have become very important to me in my everyday life activities. - Marc

To lose such an active and inspirational man as Koji at such a young age is tragic. The material he leaves behind is a fine legacy, and testament to his energy. My contribution to this tribute was (except for the requiem intro) composed by processing MSBR source material. It was my only chance to work with MSBR and offers some kind of life beyond death.

Koji Tano's for me was an inspiration how a man can follow his passion and don't care about the profit. the song i send it tou you i made it for Koji like a personal tribute.

DJ RedSkeÿe has been increasingly influenced by Koji Tano/MSBR to start musik at all (along with influences such as Merzbow, Masonna, etc) although most of his work is not similar to Tano. Anxiety Attack is more experimental noise and at times sounds very close to tracks Koji put out himself. He will be missed and a huge part of the noise scene will suffer a blow due to his death..

Koji Tano was an inspiration not only though his music and his label; he had an attitude full of kindness, humility, and open-mindedness which was apparent to all who had the pleasure of corresponding with him.

E.B. was on tour during the creation of this tribute, but he kindly permitted us to use a earlier track called NSBR, where he treats sounds from MSBR.

Koji Tano was a person that influenced me ... when i heard msbr i understand that this music is what i will do all my life ... holy angel of my experiments ... and this track just a little piece of respect ... a little thing i can do in a honor of this great noisician whom with his art showed me the way i'm on... i never knew him by myself but ... i in ''artistick love'' to him ... ... when he nailed another star – EV

I brought near Japan Noise about 10 years ago only, but I honestly think He constitutes - together with Masami Akita – probably one of the most deep influences which gave me the right stimulus for evolving from my first still “Classical-constricted” Concrete experimentations to the visionary and apocalyptic strenght of power electronics. That’s my tribute to Koji Tano: one of the men who understood the machines’ language and knew how to express their Minimal Poetry…

a mouth hunts arrows / an angel breaks unknown hells / turning summer falls ...

FANNULLONE – China / Italy
i´m sad about the death of koji tano because he was a very important figure in the noise scene. he helped to develop and to keep the scene alive. he was one of the most important connections between noise musicians all over the world. there are many musicians playing noise. koji tano was a person who lived noise. therefor many thx!

FARMACIA – Argentinia
transimte su saludo de manera musical a la familia de Koji Tano. Queremos hacer llegar nuestro apoyo frente a esta situación lamentable y en este momento nuestras palabras son dificiles de comunicar, Nuestro mas sentido pésame. - (Diego Sima, Ariel Sima, Sebastian Rodriguez Porto)

I met Koji at Bowels Of Noise 6 in Tokyo in December 2003. In March 2005 he released my disc "Ignite/Submit" on the Denshi Zatsuon label. He was kind enough to expedite the release so it would be ready for Fire In The Head's Japan tour that month. I visited him at his shop a couple times while in Tokyo and he came to my show there. That was the last time I saw him. The track I've submitted for this tribute is a work in progress. Some of it was recorded the day he died and the title is a direct reference to his passing. - Mike

Wir fühlten uns verpflichtet an diesem projekt teilzunehmen, da die noise
szene mit Koji Tano einen der besten artist verloren hat. wir kannten ihn nicht persönlich, fühlen uns aber sehr verbunden, da wir seine arbeiten sehr schätzen und lieben. um unsere trauer und mitgefühl mitzuteilen haben wir diesen song ausgewählt. - flutwacht / d. simon & synomorph / f. schewe

"Lamentation" is our little tribute to Koji, who we have been admiring since his very first moves.
Very few people we encountered across the years were as energic and open minded as Kokji who, we are sue, will be missed the many people around the globe.. This track has been composed for this sad occasion working with a sound source of American Indian funeral celebration and deals with the sense of loss his trepassing left on all his friends, relatives and collaborators.

FRED NIPI – France
i respect a lot this guy because he was a real activist. i have meet one time when he comes at Paris. and just some mail not a lot.

FYLGJA – Vinland
I have been a fan of MSBR and Koji's work for years, My 1'st MSBR find was Mass For Dead Insects, which is amongst 1 of My favorite Experimental albums! The song I contributed "Eli-vagor Bafrast" is Dedicated to Koji, and His ascension into the afterlife. From suffering to Sanctity.

for this track Marco Deplano worked on several loops and raw material sent by Gianfranco Santoro: short manipulated noise pieces recorded by Santoro himself, plus loops and "handmade" cut ups taken from the following MSBR's recordings: - "The Final Harsh Work # 13" - originally released on a three way split CD including Bastard Noise, Guilty Connector and, of course, MSBR. (MSBR Records. MR30) and - "Infused Electronics" - originally released on "Japanese Of Death" LP/CDr compilation. (Steinklang International. SK-IN 01)
"Though the noise / industrial scene often deals with radical, bizarre or weird themes and concepts, I always thought that it is still a metaphor for what life should be: communication, friendship, mutual respect. Koji Tano/MSBR's activities has been the perfect synthesis for this positive attitude and for this love for live: running a label, a mailorder and a shop, booking concerts, helping other noise acts and more; his love and dedication to the noise scene should be an example to anyone invloved in this music genre. For this reason we thought that taking part to this online compilation was very important for us: to pay tribute to everything positive Koji Tano brought to the scene, with his work and with his passionate enthusiasm" - Gianfranco Santoro

R.I.P.Koji Tano

In 1999 I saw Molten Salt Breeder Reactor K2 and Magmax play live in CA. These gentlemen struck me as amicable, gracious, and unpretentious. I was impressed. I am thankful for Koji's music, and saddened by his death. These 3 items are what motivated me to make a song for him. You said it best - we want to set a musical gravestone for a great man and his work. This is why I used his "Live Grappling Electronics" as the original sound material/source for my track.

Only three years since I joined in Denshizatuson which was founded by Koji, but the years was better than the best and I learned many things, especially Magazine-making, from Koji. May his spirit rest in peace. And last but not least, I'm grateful to Max of Steinklang for doing this memorable project.

Mit MSBR geht ein großer und wichtiger Meilenstein der avantgardistischen Musikgeschichte. Dem Projekt Respekt zu zollen gilt die Hymne von Heiliges Licht. Untitled weil es dazu keine Worte gibt, ohne Text weil es dazu nichts zu sagen gibt, und eine ganz andere Musikrichtung weil das Avantgarde ist (...und das was MSBR ausgemacht hat!!!)
Ein Letztes Geleit!
...wir schweigen immer den Tag
...denn die Nacht bringt uns mehr als Worte!
Michael Obermeyer

"Koji Tano was one of the first (and one of the longest lasting) contacts to Japan for us. Besides trading and selling releases, we organised shows for him twice here in Germany - where we got to know him as an open minded an humorous man. We recorded this track using solely selected artworks, objects, photographs and sound recordings of Koji Tano as sound sources. May his spirit live long in the community.

HIV+ - France
First time I had a listen on K.T music, in the mid 90's, I took a strong conscience on the fact that Merzbow created not only a music, but a real scene; Japanoise, as it's now called was a pure, original and strong scene, lead not by one but by several "masters" as Koji, with their very own special way to do sculptures with sound... this mood of distorting sounds like a sculptor was a considerable influence in my own special way to think on NOISE. I really respect this guy, and his goal... may be the most harsh way to get the top, but the purest one! Here my track is without concession, as Koji used to do.

1997 wurden wir (MPD & Das Lolitakollektiv) durch MSBR inspiriert Noise zu
machen, 1999 waren wir in der Lage unsere erste CD zu veröffentlichen. Der Tod von Koji Tano ist für uns ein sehr großer Verlust, da wir ihn als Grundstein für unsere Musikalischen Werdegang sehen. Aus Respekt und Ehrfurcht für Koji Tano, entschlossen wir uns mit unserem neuen Projekt "Homologation Korea Nord" einen Track als Tribute zu veröffentlichen. R.I.P. Koji Tano

I haven't had a chance to know Koji when he was with us, however, I know and had known a few persons who faced cancer (some of them live, some not). Since Koji also died of cancer, I would like to dedicate my track to him and all those who like Koji didn't survive the illness.

I decided to make a tribute to Koji Tano though he deserves too much more than that so I hope all the artists in this album can make such a loud requiem as he wanted it to be. - Zusa

ILIOS – Greece
I have been in contact with Koji for years now, he organised a tour in Japan for me in September 2004, where he also played in many of the concerts. While in Tokyo, we used to sleep at his room (him sleeping outside) and then we agreed to bring him over in Europe in January with Culpis for the festival we organise in Athens. They then toured to other european cities also. Last month when I got in my mailbox a mail Lasse Marhaug sent with the bad news, I could not believe it. I was shocked by it. When I found out about this tribute, at least I though to leave something for his memory. - ILIOS (Barcelona, August 2005)

inBOIL – U.S.A.
I met Koji several years ago when I organized a performance for him in Seattle. I was lucky enough to have Koji invite me to do a tour of Japan in 2002. We (MSBR, Solid Eye, Speculum Fight and myself, inBOIL) played 10 shows across all of Japan. It was absolutely fantastic in so many ways! Many of my fondest moments in life were on that trip and I owe it all to Koji. I am submitting an excerpt of the live collaboration we did at Die Pratze in Tokyo for your tribute compilation. Thanks for the opportunity to pay aural respect to a dear friend. - Carl Farrow

Koji Tano was an honest person of much work and a good collaborator who always appreciated the effort of the artists.

ich bin kein mann der großen worte oder reden, aber nach einem gelungenen konzert von msbr und einem netten intensiven gespräch mit koji tano, musste ein tribut gezollt werden. dieser abend wird immer in erinnerung bleiben und msbr werden einen festen platz in meiner plattensammlung haben. i love tokio. we love msbr.

For me, Koji was a samurai of electronic music. Samurai in the sense of "fight for" and explore "extreme music". MSBR was more than a socalled "noise-project".

IRIKARAH – Germany
Als ich von dem Tod des ehrwürdigen Koji Tano gehört habe, war es für mich überhaupt keine Frage, ein Stück zu schicken. Dieser Künstler hat mich durch sein Werk und sein Engagement für die Musik sehr beeindruckt. Die Welt hat einen Heroen des Noise verloren. RIP

IRON YOUTH – Germany
Am 9. August bekam ich eine Info-Mail von Steinklang: Koji Tano aka MSBR ist tot. Angefügt war die Aufforderung an alle Empfänger die sich berufen fühlten, an einem Koji Tano-Tribut teilzunehmen. Zuerst wollte ich das erstmal nicht tun, da ich anfangs den Gedanken doch "seltsam" fand an einem Tribut für jemanden teilzunehmen den ich überhaupt nicht persönlich kannte. Als ich allerdings nochmal darüber nachdachte wer Koji Tano eigentlich war (ausgehend von dem was ich über/von ihn gehört oder gelesen hatte), erschien es mir dann doch weit weniger "komisch". Mir fiel ein, daß Tano seit Jahren in der Noise / Industrial-"Szene" aktiv war und stets bestrebt war neue Künstler zu fördern. Diese Tatsache ist für mich absolut Grund genug, ihm auf diesem Wege meinen Respekt zu zollen, da es solches Engagement leider nicht mehr alzu häufig gibt . Es bleibt zu hoffen, daß es auch in Zukunft Leute wie Tano geben wird, welche den Versuch wagen werden, unbekannte Klangkünstler zu fördern und zu unterstützen ... und zwar aus Liebe zur Sache. Thanks for keeping the spirit up all the years! - Matt X Nihil (World Nihil / Fuck!)

J-WERK – Italy
the works and attitude of M.olten S.alt B.reeder R.eactor -among a few landmark noise artists- are a huge driving force beyond the struggle for creativity that hits me more often than I would wish. His devastating frankness is what reminds me that I am alive in a scenario in which expession has a potential outreach that is way beyond the schemes, yet these forces are easily crippled by the establishment. I have choosen to associate a small piece of my work in progress with this most tragic event simply to share my passion about primordial forms of expressions for which KOJI TANO is forever highly to be prised.

the reasons why i want to pay tribute to koji are many. we began our correspondence almost 10 years ago, when we began a mail collaboration. i was lucky to perform and travel with him several times. at one show i knocked over kojis gear in front of the audience, and at another show i repeaired his equipment onstage just before his set. in both cases, the show went on. i think its a good example of kojis goodwill and grace that after knocking down his whole setup, he patched the pedals back together and we went ahead and played together that night. its a great example of his dedication that with his only sound generator broken, he took the time to fix his synth for an audience of 8 people. im so glad i thought to pack a soldering iron... once he asked me to show him around a city i had never been to. when i cooked him dinner in my home, he asked me for the recipe three years later. when i was a guest in his home he slept on the floor by his desk so that i would have a bed. i owe that man so much, for so many memories. - john sharp

my first exposure to msbr was through the random purchase of the live split lp with spastic colon on flenix. this was also one of my earliest experiences of recorded noise. after this i corresponded and ordered from koji multiple times and he was always extremely considerate. some of these interactions got me further involved in international networking in noise and showed how beneficial that could be. Koji was always one of those helpful ones and i could tell he truly loved what he did. unfortunately i never got to meet him in person but i will definately miss writing to him and hearing his great projects.

Koji gave me many many musical help. And i must say to him "THANK YOU".

wir haben koji in bremen getroffen und ueber gemeinsame musik gesprochen...

KELLY CHURKO – Japan/Canada
Koji Tano was one of the most supportive people I have ever met. As a foreigner living
in Tokyo, big hearts are hard to find; his was the biggest. The shows he organized were the best, EVER!

Koji Tano was a great musician, it was our teacher, and it was good those who understood. It is proud that I am a staff of Denshizatsuon

KK.NULL - Japan
As everyone knows, he has been devoting 100% of his energy, life, time, soul to experimental/noise music and the best friend of everyone involved in this community around the world. On July 18th, I visited to see Koji at the hospital in Tokyo, he was lying on the bed with smile welcoming me. He must have been suffering from pain though, he looked calm and peaceful. I tried to cheer him up but really didn't know what I should have said, because I knew that his family had been informed he could live only for another month or so. I said to him cheerfully, "You must beat the disease and Let's do a MSBR comeback concert as soon as you get recovered!!", and Koji positively responded clenching and
upholding his left fist with his genial smile. We both did believe the day of MSBR comeback concert would come soon, however, unfortunately it was the last moment I saw Koji in-life. I am very sad, upset, confused, have no words to express how I exactly feel now. Only I can do now is, thank him from the bottom of my heart for all he's done and his true friendship, and wish he rest in peaceful heaven. And my deepest sympathy is with his family, his friends & colleagues.
Thank you very much, Koji.
Domo Arigato, Tano-san.
Kazuyuki Kishino (KK.NULL)

KOFF KOFF – Norway
koff koff never heard the music of koji tano, only a lot of good words. we had just finished a demo that we decided to send to msbr when his death was announced. The track sent is an extract from that demo.

Da ich mich schon seit langer Zeit für diese Art von Musik interessiere war es eine Ehre für mich an einem Denkmal für jemanden teilnehmen zu können, der den Noise so geprägt hat wie Koji Tano. -So Long And Thanks For The Noise-

Intro, Koji playing his favorite music with his good friends, and then, his another friend's music cross-over there music, then I and Koji's favorite music fade into the elements, and next, the LP twines the sounds, the LP released by Koji. Beats, Pulse of Living thing. Noise, is my way, and Koji too. Life, every Living thing have it. We remeber you, Koji. - Kohei/GxC
1: msbr & blazen y sharp "balungan"
2: birchville cat motel "untitled freedom from LP"
3: david tudor "rainforest version 1"
4: kiyoshi mizutani "untitled split LP w/ small cruel party"
5: guilty connector "beats, noise, and life"

KULT – Portugal
As far as I can tell, I cannot speak for MSBR alone. While posting this track I am paying my tribute to the whole japanese noise scene, that in my opinion represents the top of this genre. Thanks to noise (and consequently thanks to "heroes" like Koji Tano or Masami Akita, among others) I grew up musically and educated my ears and perception. Perhaps because of them, I can feel sound in a diferent way, aprehending all that surrounds me in a more intense way. I can only thank them for this.

KUNT - Japan
Kunt met Koji in Tokyo in 2001. With his support Kunt performed at events organised by Koji and began collaboration projects with Tokyo and Nagoya based units Mothra, Defektro, Fe26 and also guest vocals with Koji's project MagMax. In 2002 Kunt member LuLu Deluxe toured Kyushu with Koji as Kunt and MSBR. His constant support through his record store, gigs, tour contacts and most importantly friendship is unfathomable. Kunt loves Koji

The first time I heard about Koji Tano was from an old friend, Sonic Youth Fan, who was listen to MSBR, too, because of the Support in Tokio 1998. I know that I was fascinated by this kind of music, because in this former times I was listening more punk/hc-music than electronic stuff; but that was a stile i liked. So in the past years I tried to get more and more music and information about Koji Tano and MSBR, what was kinda hard because of not having any internet these times. As I was told that he died a few weeks ago on 31st of July, I know that the world has lost one of the best avangard electro musicians of our time. I hope he will get a better world to live in...

Stupor-Arts hat dank Hilfe von Steinklang bei der Letzten Tour von MBSR in Europa am 1.2.2005 ein Konzert in München veranstaltet. Es war ein unvergessliches Ereignis! Leiche Rustikal (Rutra Baz ist Mitglied von
Stupor-Arts) will KOJI TANO die Ehre erweisen.

Koji Tano was dedicated to presenting emerging young artists to the world. Both
members of this group have benefited greatly from his creative and entrepreneurial support.

LEVIO PRAVOI – U.S.A. / Russia
Like many other post-industrial groups, Levoi Pravoi started out cribbing shamelessly from noise music concepts and production; Koji Tano and his Molten Salt Breeder Reactor signified this style far above many of his contemporaries.
Our tribute track is not a cover nor an imitation of Koji, but done in his spirit; we composed it in the passionate, morphing style that he often employed, reusing elements processed beyond recognition, and assembling the track primarily with effects and processing; Koji's influence is far reaching in being able to inspire music aurally different from his own, but of experiential semblance. One could feel Koji's music shivering and discharging through the speakers, tactile rather than simply harsh; we hope that we captured that feeling of MSBR rather than simply plagiarizing.
Rest in Peace Koji.

LITH – France
I didn't have any contact with Koji Tano, I didn't know him personnaly, but his involvement in the developpement in industrial music mustn't be forgotten. Losing an actor of such a small musical movement like noise music is a huge loss of talent. But more than that is the loss of a human person, and my track is an hommage for his family and friends. My track is different of my usual style, I didn't want to play my music, but I wanted to compose a track closer from pure noise, from Koji Tano's style, to give an last honour to Koji Tano, not to make my musical promotion.

I will admit that I never met Koji - but while assisting my friend John Sharp to mix and master his own collaborations with MSBR, I found an artistry in pure sound that was unrivaled. When John told me of his passing, I was shocked to hear that this talent was gone... Therefore, I began to put together a piece based sounds from a defective disc of one of Koji's performances as a private tribute to him. When I found that you were doing this compilation I finished the piece and submitted it for consideration. Taking his sounds and processing them allowed me to pay my respects for him in a way that I think he would have appreciated - to collaborate via the greatest distance.

At the very beginning is, for us, what certain calls "industrial music", it is may be something like "post-modern" music in fact, without this music LONSAIMAÏKOV has not existed ... so we could say without Mister Koji Tano LONSAIMAÏKOV Won't be. He learned to us that sound is a matter not an empty intellectual substance but really a matter AND an essence, and this mean for us that surely he was a great musician and as all true musician a great metaphysician ... for that we would like to sing : ETERNAL MEMORY !

My motivation for the tribute track for Koji Tano derives from my first introduction to noise music, where MSBR was the catalyst that revved me up to find out more, and never stop making noise. If there is one thing I know I'll never stop doing/always want to do, it's noise music, and Koji Tano played a crucial role in my life.

LP – Brasil
My admiration to Koji Tano began in 1999, when a friend of mine showed me some MSBR recordings. I began to record my works and release some tapes in limited number. One day I decided to send these tapes to Koji. He sent me an e-mail telling me he had received the tapes and gave me support. We communicated by e-mail during a short time. Koji always supported independent works and new artists, and this is my greatest reason. I admire Koji Tano and I show it in "Walls of Silence".

MAIM - Sweden
I consider it an honour to be part of this tribute to Koji Tano, who sadly was taken before his time. Even though I did not know the man personally (I had sent Koji some Maim material for a possible release we had discussed briefly via email, but he fell ill shortly after and I never heard from him again), I feel the deepest respect and admiration for his dedication and passion for the experimental/noise/avantgarde scene as well as his own musical output. - Jonas

MDT – Italy
I've discovered Msbr through one of my friend and collaborator. I've always seen Koji Tano/Msbr like one of the greatest noisemaker/experimentator in the world. So what can I say I was, I am a Koji Tano/Msbr fan.

My experience in Europe with Koji Tano as CULPIS in early 2005 became the greatest memory in my musical life. When I met him last time, he said to me "I am most happy that I can play in the presence of so many friends!" Koji Tano always smiled, but there was a serious look in his face at that time. I think that all of his impulse have come from this word. His heart was filled with being a musician and with great humanity. Honoured most was his soul, his spirit. I want to say a big eulogy to all his help and contribution.
My deepest gratitude to Koji Tano.

durch viele hörstunden von msbr wurde dieser tribut-track beeinflusst. harsche sounds und grobes arrangement der msbr tracks waren typisch. der tribut-track besteht nur aus fragmenten und sounds von zig verschiedenen msbr releases und wird zu einem neuen track zusammen gesetzt. sozusagen eine werkschau in fünf minuten.

Auch wenn man es der Musik von Moral Fraktal nicht unbedingt anhört, war Koji Tano als ein Pionier experimenteller elektronischer Musik ein Quell der Inspiration. Sein Tod ist ein grosser Verlust nicht nur für die Japan-Noise-Szene, sondern für jeden Freund avantgardistischer Musik.

– Hongkong
you only live once, but you work it right, once is enough


When worlds collide
Have crumbled
Into dust
In tender times
That dared
To hope and trust
Close your eyes
Evoke the glory
Of change
Will be one

I entered this comp because MSBR was part of why I still noise today. He was amazing at what he did and his output was always perfect, never mediocore. Me and the noise community all over the world are sure to miss him and his music, but he will always be remembered. RIP.

NAPALMED – Czech Republik
A big RESPECT to Mr. Koji Tano! I was not too much in contact with him, just few trades and some shoppings, but as I can count, he was one of the few very good "working human-machines". Napalmed's first full CD album was titled "Never mind the MSBR, here's NAPALMED". It was meant as a joke, then a small continuity (may be mostly my inner) and connection to the albums of SEX PISTOLS and SORE THROAT, and at last a respect to japanese noise icon. Once again THANK YOU for your help to many small unknown artists for example as I am... - RadeK.K.

MSBR inspired us in our music as Whitehouse, Merzbow and Otomo Yoshihide did. We saw three concerts of MSBR in Gent, Rotterdam and Maastricht. Our tribute to MSBR is called A2, because it is the name of the main highway from Alkmaar, where we live, to Maastricht. A2 is build upon the experience of driving to the concert, seeing the concert and driving back.

MSBR hat, solange das Projekt bestand hatte einen nicht zu unterschätzenden Einfluss auf die Industrial/Noise Szene gehabt und durch sein unermüdliches Engagement, speziell auch für junge, unbekannte Künstler einen wichtigen Beitrag zu dieser Musikrichtung geleistet. Aus diesem Grunde, aus Respekt vor seiner Arbeit, habe ich den Track angefertigt und beigesteuert.

I've never met Koji. I've never spoken with Koji. But I've always listen to his music. Listening to his tracks I've perceived the man who was Koji Tano, and all his pain and his misanthropy was mine too. I chosen to "remix" an ambient track then a noise one because i wanted to play a sort of "epilogue" to a man who was one of the masters of the worldwide noise music. This is my tribute to Koji Tano.

o.m.s.-n.m.a. - Belgium
Koji has had a godlike status among me and my friends, from the first time we saw him performing live, back in december 2000. Much later, about a year ago, we became partners when it comes to distribution, did some trades and such... We started emailing more often, and he even showed interest in helping me out with the promotion in Japan of my upcoming album... and for a possible tour overthere in mid-2006... I am glad that I could finally meet him in real life in Maastricht last February... he left a lasting impression...

Music can be so much for so many; a source of spiritual inspiration, an emotional hiding place, a well of creative freedom, a prison of self expression or a vessel of physical release. The music of Koji Tano, and MSBR, has been, within his life, and will continue past his death, to be a many faceted source of passion for all he, his music and his life has contacted.

P-E-D-R-O (Hoersturz) – Germany
Koji was my first and deepest contact from Japan. He had to leave at the centre of his life.

P.A.L. - Germany
koji tano was one of the most important artists of the noise genre. i never had the chance to meet him in person, but i am familiar with his' music since the beginning of the 1990s - he was one of my many many influences and he passed away much too soon. the title of my track speaks for itself... - P.A.L 29.08.2005

PAINSLUT – Germany
For me my first contact with msbr was on my first industrial record called contact #1 and I was immediately blown away from the intensity of his work. Seeing him live in last year was an experience I don't want to miss. Now everything turns into silence.

PAUL KLAUI – Netherlands
I know the music of Koji trough the shop Carlo Stegen from Antwerpen.(Freaksendfuture.com) It is inspiring. He made the comparation with my music. So he was thinking a piece of noice would be a great tribute to a special guy from the underground. Thats it. and a whole lot of roses an tulips, - Paul Klaui

PERSONA – Catalonia
since a long time ago, we have been following Koji's work with MSBR and his magazine (Denzatsu). We are really sad because of his death. He has been one of the biggets creators of japanese noize. The song is a contraposition of ideas. It is made by computer, voice samplers and latin lyrics. It tells about the darkness that is war and has a pray in ancient latin. It is a honour for us to participate in the tribute.

I want to contribute to the tribute, because Mr Koji's music means a lot to me. The track that i have done is for his memory only. It would be an honour to be included in this tribute.

I made this track especially for this compilation. I see it as a spectral journey before return into the magma. I didn't want to develop it from an harsh-noise perspective. I elaborated a sepulchral moment/movement : Some shouting children - An urban legend - A breath of wind like an infinite caress from the mind before the night ... .. .
A photo of Koji Tano' glance helped me to crystallize the sound of his destiny. The reflect of the final stage of his disease. Although I haven't known Koji Tano personally, I was full of empathy when I received the bad news of his death. At the end, the title "konbanwa" means "Good night" in Japanese.

"The days of Man are but as grass.
He flourishes like a flower in the field.
And the wind goes over it is gone.
And its place will know it no more.“

Leider hatte ich nur eine Gelegenheit der beinahe magisch-transzendenten Atmosphäre eines MSBR Konzerts live beizuwohnen, dass große japanische Künstler vom lärmmachenden Rest trennt. Bei dieser Gelegenheit ergab sich auch ein mehr als interessantes Gespräch, dass mir ein sehr persönliches Bild von Koji Tano ermöglichte. Die dabei angesprochene Idee eines Splitreleases werde ich in diesem ihm gewidmeten Track nun realisieren: neben einem Song, den ich an dem Tag des MSBR Konzerts in München aufgenommen habe - ist ein Auszug der MSBR Live in Moskau Single zuhören, die ich nicht ohne Grund gewählt habe. Sein Wirken war stets präsent in meinen musikalischen Gedanken - auch wenn mich andere offensichtlicher beeinflusst haben. Ich schätze sein Schaffen - seine Kunst als Gesamtes

RESISTOR – Austria
Der Verlust einer Persönlichkeit oder Gruppe aus einem Bereich der Musik, die man mit seinen Emotionen verbinden kann ist immer schmerzlich. Dieses "Abschiedsgeschenk" von mir wurde nur für diesen Tribut erstellt und ist inspiriert von der Kassette "The final harsh work #2".

Because Koji Tano kept the dream of experimental music alive thru performance and thru the great musical offering of composers/ performers worldwide, I dedicate this short undulating stream of dark sound to him.

RONEZ – China
I choose this track for Koji Tano just becoz this track is sad and powerful. In fact, I never write a email to Koji Tano, just wrote a short letter with my cdr package to him, about 3 months ago. That's the first and last time i wrote to him, he's already in hospital at that time I think. So, R.I.P. noiseman!

RTEK – Netherlands
Performed in the time I was first introduced to music from the late mr. Tano. His work evokes the imagery of complex landscapes. My condolances go out to his family and relatives. May he ride on eternal noisefields.

A monument built from memoirs lasts much longer than stone. and I will always remember You... - Robert Marciniak

Koji Tano touched the lives of a great number of people. Obviously there were many who he would have considered close friends, and many, many more, such as myself, who have had the pleasure of spending a few short hours with him, at his shop in Tokyo, at a concert, or in one of the many cities he has visited. Koji epitomized one of the most important values noise music – community. I believe the sheer amount and great variety of artists contributing this comp is a testament to this as well as to his kindness and acceptance of everyone in the world of experimental music. He will be sadly missed, but the threads of friendships and community that he has helped to build will last for a very long time indeed.

MSBR It's a very strong influence so that Scumearth make noise, always.

SEAMUS - Italy / Germany
ciao Koji

Koji Tano / MSBR has been a visual and audio influence to my music for a long time. There was always an aesthetic subtlety and focus to his work which I appreciate and consider very important. I remember when I was 15 and I got my first MSBR records and tapes, I was so excited, he changed the way I thought about art with music and how presentation was so important... and I will always remember driving around during a thunderstorm in highschool listening to "2,000 Thousends Contaminate Electric Acid" on an old boombox. I'm also worried that the connection between Japan and Europe and the US will suffer greatly... he did so much... I'm also sad that our plan for me to release an MSBR album and his track for my compilation never happened... At least there is plenty more of his music living for us to hear, I only have like 20 MSBR albums... there will always be a new story to hear. Rest in peace, you changed the world. -- Nick Henry

The last time I saw MSBR live was in Muenster/Germany, 2001. I talked to Koji Tano a little bit and I got to know him as a very friendly person. My track for the tribute is called "Monasteria" which is the old latin name of Muenster. I used a sample of his last concert in Maastricht to make a direct reference to him. I liked his concerts a lot and I will really miss them!

Koji was great and as italian people we really miss a person like him; all italian ones should take him as example. Yakuza wins Mafia.

STARDUST - Austria
So wie sein Kreis nun neu beginnt, so wird uns schmerzlich bewußt, dass die zweite Chance nur von denen genutzt werden kann, die den Glauben nie verlieren konnten - ich kannte Koji Tano zwar nicht persönlich, aber ich schätze seine Musik...

Auch wenn ich leider, wie so viele andere, nie die Möglichkeit hatte Koji Tano persönlich kennen zu lernen, möchte ich mit dem Track "Menschenwürde" seine Arbeit und sein Schaffen ehren! Er war für mich eine wichtige Persönlichkeit der experimentellen elektronischen Musik! Im Gedenken an Koji Tano! - Ronny H. aka Tardive Dyskinesia - Dystonia Recordings

Mit Koji verband mich eine künstlerische Beziehung. Von 1992-1999 entstanden einige gemeinsame Projekte. zwei 7" auf seinem Label "Amalgan" und "Schaschlik" und ein splittape "Geplünderte Leichen" und eine LP "Contact 1# mit Contagious Orgasm, MSBR und Telepherique. 1999 spielten wir zusammen auf einem Festival in Darmstadt in der Oettinger Villa. Ich war stets begeistert über seine selbst-made covers, die immer sehr aufwendig waren, aber von einer künstlerischen Vielfalt. Seine Art der Noise Interpretation war konstruierter als von anderen Japanese Artists und die Geräusche gezielter und deutlich gesetzt. Mir kam die Musik manchmal wie im Pointelismus (Malertechnik) vor. Es war schade, daß seit 1999 der Kontakt zurück ging, das lag mehr an mir wegen sozialen Veränderungen und neuen Lebensabschnitten. Aber während meiner Zeit mit Drahtfunk Products war die Beziehung zu Koji und vielen Japanern in dieser Zeitperiode eine Bereicherung in Sachen Kreativität, Aufgeschlossenheit, Vertrauen und Hinzulernens in vielen bereichen.

Only a few artists can deliver a relentless 'wall of sound' without loosing themselves in clichés and annoying attitudes. Koji Tano was one of these rare musicians. To me his works seem very honest - powerful, yet delicately balanced. R.I.P.

Torturing Nurse loves MSBR,because he is hero of all diy noise man's hero!

UNREIN - Germany
Als ich vom Tode Koji´s erfuhr, war ich zutiefts betroffen, wir haben ambitionierten und offenen Menschen verloren. Wir werden Ihn und sein schaffen auf bitterste Vermissen!

Koji Tano's impact on experimental electronic music is one that will remain long after his passing, in the work of those who he has influenced, and as more people come to discover his work for the first time and understand why he was respected by so many. When I first became interested in Noise/Experimental music years ago it was artists like M.S.B.R. that I was listening to. And all of the stuff that I listened to early on had a great impact on my life. I wanted to contribute a piece because I wanted to give something back to one of the men who helped shape what I am doing now. - Kevin

I am 36 years old and I listen to noise music, extreme noise and industrial since more than 20 years, so bands like Merzbow, Whitehouse, early SPK and of course MSBR are in my record library since years. So Koji Tano's death is a real loss for that kind of music and I decided to make a noise song as a tribute for him. - Pierre BAPS

VLUBÄ – Argentinia
Vlubä sopla la luz que asciende brillante hacia los altos reyes de las altas esferas, la luz inmensa de Koji - Gracias por tu brillo, amigo espiritual Vlubä blows the light that promotes brilliant towards the high kings of the high spheres, the immense light of Koji - Thanx for your shine, spiritual brother!
Our motivation to do a track for tribute to Koji Tano was because he was an artist who always captivated us, years ago that we knew his music and his editions; we were surprised and it made us bitter to hear the news of his disappearance of this earth. Indeed, the track that we sent and that we decided to title vlubä - 310705 was exactly a part of the session of that day, which unconscientiously dismissed him quickly. Let us create to be clear and honest with our condolence.

Koji has been the first Japanese person I ever got in touch with. I have always admired his way of being everywhere at the same time, doing many things as he would have been 4/5 different persons, yet with a coherence I have rarely found in other people. I've felt like loosing the ground under my feet when I got the sad new and although I can't really say we've been in close connection in the last years, he's been a source of inspiration and extremely supportive during my first steps. Hiis enthusiasm shown toward my own activity has been enough to consider him more than just another "artist"even knowing almost nothing about his private life. This track is a small harsh hommage to a person we will all miss, released with analog sounds only.

I've been making experimental music since 1994. I encountered many industrial noise and harsh noise recordings during my networking activities. At that time I didn't really respect them, treating noise as a kind of antimusic, because all I received was just very simple wall of sound approach type of noise. In fall 1999, I did my first trade with Koji, and in early 2000 I did another one. These two trades changed my view on harsh noise - I discovered its depth and quality. Koji also gave me some basic info on his technical approach to making this noise. Using this info I was able to play my first live show later that year. This was a really inspiring episode.

we here in the israeli noise "scene" were all sadden to hear of koji's passing. a few of us had the chance to interact w/ him and enjoy his vital passion for the unconventional and sheer joy of experimentation. He was a rare individual and a true hero. he will be greatly missed. after hearing about the label's wonderful tribute we felt obligated to express our respect and we hope that we can still participate in this valiant effort. it was an act of honour and tribute to a man that we feel was a true pioneer. pivotal to the development of experimental music across the world. -

I do not want to loose too many heavy words now, as words can never express what many people including myself felt when Koji went away. I just want to tell You a brief story about my first and last meeting with Koji Tano and the impressions I had from this fine man.
a while before Koji passed, the message of his sudden, heavy suffering simply blew me away. only 3 months before Koji was diagnosed with cancer in the last state, we met in Maastricht (Netherlands) where he played a unforgetable concert with his friends from CULPIS. It was beginning of february 2005 and we planed that I take the guys with my car from Munich to Maastricht and I was happy to have a 7 hours car-ride with my (physically) unknown friend from Japan. unfortunately we had 2,5 meters of fresh snow in the Austrian Alps these days and so I was caught by a heavy traffic jam, which made us to decide that Koji and the guys should better go by train. in fact I was in Maastricht one hour before the train arrived and Peter from ACOH/Sdim.org went to the railwaystation to pick them up there. when he came back to the location, where we prepared the „stage“ meanwhile, Peter decided to park my car not beside the house-wall, but „on“ the housewall. I am thankful to Peter now, because every day when I see the right side of my car, I remember these impressive 2 days with Koji and his friends. after this small but close meeting with central european architecture, our Japanese guests got out of the car and from the first moment I felt very close to this man from the other side of the planet, whom I only knew from many releases over the years, several mails and a few telefone calls some hours before we met. of course I was very excited to meet the famous Koji Tano/MSBR/Denzatsu, but this excitement was immediately replaced with familiarity as Koji took me in his arms. it's hard to explain, but I try: imagine you know a famous artist over 15 years from his first (LP) release on and later then from a closer (business) contact. then you meet him for the first time and the feelings are like you meet a old friend, whom You just did not see for a while. I was very much surprised by such close feelings and in fact, we did not need any perfect english to have a lot of fun together this evening. next day and much too early our 4 friends from Japan had to take the train back to Germany.
I never expected that this was my last goodbye to the new, old friend.
in april, Koji contacted me for the last time to invite my friend Andy from ATROX and me to play at his festival in late 2005. I think I never got any invitation that made me more excited than this one. playing in Japan and visiting our friends and the japanese cities, mountains and woods was always one of my most secret wishes.
I am forever thankful to Koji for his will to let us see all this.

now he is the one to see the light of eternity...

seasons they change
while cold blood is raining
I have been waiting
beyond the years
now over the skyline
I see You're travelling
brothers from all time
gathering here

come let us build
the ship of the future
in an ancient pattern
that journeys far
come let us set sail
for the always island
through seas of leaving
to the summer stars

the circle is unbroken (Robin Williamson – The Incredible String Band – 1969)

I am very sad, that due to my work on this tribute, I had no chance to find some quiet moments to record my own hommage-track for Koji. even if I were able to do so, I suppose my aims at my own Song To Koji would have been so high, that I would have probably never finished the track. therefor I decided to dedicate a song to him, which I did in Vienna in 1995, together with Hannes Schober, a artist of the early viennese Electro scene. this song is a 14 minute ambient-elektroacid piece and it is (of course) unreleased. it is one of my few favourite tracks I have ever done. I kept this track over 10 years for a very special occasion and now I know this special moment has finally come. this track was recorded under heavy influence of a fantastic evening with Panasonic, Chris Carter and Bruce Gilbert in a old Vienna undergroundstation. I always saw this track as a soundtrack for a journey into another dimension,
into faraway spheres. and this shall be its destination now:

a soundtrack for Koji's journey into the other world...